Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve, 2010

Because it's not New Year's Eve in 2011, despite the fact that everyone seems to think it is. It's also not a full-on holiday in itself. Like, when people wish you a Happy New Years, WHAT are they saying?? Happy New Year's Eve? What about the other 364 days? Bugs me.

Anywho. I've been awesome keeping this blog up, I know. In my defense, I did have a baby and finish a Master's in Education so I've been busy. I keep meaning to keep notes of advice to my daughter and I keep thinking of that advice in places where it is impossible to take notes. Like driving down the highway in traffic with blinding sun glare, not the ideal moment to catalog pearls of wisdom, unless that pearl is always have sun glasses and wiper fluid in your car.

Right, so New Year's resolutions, which I also kept meaning to write down when I thought of them so I could hold myself accountable. We can guess how well that turned out. I'm going to make an attempt to list what I remember, however, and maybe occasionally document progress or lack thereof throughout the year.

1) Lose the damn baby weight and the extra 20lbs that crept on before the baby.
1a) exercise 5 times per week
1b) think before eating crap and stop mindlessly stuffing it in my face, when I do
eat crap, savor it so I can eat less of it.

2a) accept that husband is NOT going to change how he does things so I need to change
how I react to them
2b) I have what millions of mothers would kill for (probably until they have it) - I stay at
home with my child (for the time being) and I need to stop thinking it's drudgery and
see it as a privilege

It's almost time for dinner. I'll work on more later, but I think those two are the big ones. Also: Glass half full, glass half-full....repeat.