Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Musings of Procrastination

Because I don't want to start on my work or maybe I do but I can't....One is the non-ADHD definition, the other the ADHD definition. This is not my musing, but I'll go with it for a moment anyway. So, if I don't want a label, I'm a lazyass, but if I don't mind the label, I can still be a lazy ass without it actually being my fault*.

On to my musing. I've figured out the whole pro-choice, pro-life Republican/Democrat conundrum and it goes like this:

Pro-Lifers and Republicans (definitely for the first and mostly for the second): don't care what happens to your child after birth, they just want it to be born. (Healthcare? Special needs services? WIC services? Parenting classes? Financial Aid for college? Uh, not on their dime.)

Pro-choicers and Democrats (again, for the most part): don't care if your kid is born or not BUT if it is, want to make sure that it has the same good start in life and the same chances as any other kid..(Healthcare? Special needs services? WIC? etc, bring it on, baby. It's just a child and can't help it.)

Which is more child friendly?

*This is not to say that ADHD is not a real condition or can be turned on and off and it's not that I'm disparaging anyone who has a mean case of it...I'm just saying sometimes I feel like I'm right there on the cusp and the way I choose to lean (my fault, not my fault) says a lot.

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