Saturday, January 31, 2009

Les Miserables

A friend posted on Facebook that she was attending a showing of Les Mis and it brought back the following story. Notes: I was a musical geek and a bunch of my friends were too. I had seen Phantom like 3 times by this point, probably Miss Saigon and Kiss of the Spider Woman - Les Mis was what I was missing.

I fell asleep when I saw it. Ooops. I've always loved the songs so I had the soundtrack FOREVER (This was senior year of h.s.) and I liked to sleep to it - I don't know why. Then it came to Boston and my friend and I got tickets (separate seats, there were actually 4 of us) and it was the night after prom. I had gone to bed at like 6am and then gone to some track meet for heaven knows what reason and then come home for Les Mis. We left. Were supposed to go to dinner in Boston before the show but we got there and I had forgotten my ticket. We went home (like 1/2 hour, faster cause Patrick was driving and pissed), got my ticket, ate at McDonalds on the way back and made it in time for the show. I went to my seat, everyone else went to theirs and they came to see me at intermission and I was sound asleep and snoring. But I've since seen it on PBS and enjoyed it :-)

I'll probably come back and edit this later. But it's a funny story to have saved somewhere.

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