Monday, April 2, 2012

Sex Education is for females

I had an epiphany today. Lately I've been really thinking on the whole reproductive rights/war on women thing and I've come to the conclusion that, yes, there is a war on women. Men don't have to deal with cramping/bloating/bleeding every month. Men don't have to deal with their moods being blamed on said cramping/bloating/bleeding. Men are never hobbled by pregnancy. Never put on bed rest so that they can deliver a healthy child into the world. Men are not taught to not have sex so they won't get pregnant. Hell, they're not even taught to not have sex so their partners won't get pregnant.

And that leads to the epiphany. Sex education benefits women and girls. STD prevention is a minor piece in the whole puzzle and while inconvenient, most STDs are curable or manageable and invisible. Pregnancy, however, is extremely visible. By not teaching our daughters/nieces/females/ future mothers how to protect themselves from pregnancy (and disease that can make them infertile in later years) we are allowing people (Men, Fundamentalists and dreamers) to literally retard the potential of millions of teenage girls. Everyone knows that lack of sex ed and abstinence only ed do not prevent teenagers from having sex. What they prevent is an easy way for WOMEN to get reliable information about not becoming a statistic.

There are better ways to put this but that's it. The war on women has been going on longer than I thought. And that is evidenced by the fact that we don't teach our girl children how to avoid having their lives at least severely derailed by unintended pregnancy. And the boys get off scott free. Women need to see this and unite. It's getting ridiculous.

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Swistle said...

Oh, what an interesting point! I hadn't thought of that!