Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

Currently the most un-pc holiday we celebrate! Hurrah!

I was sitting around wasting disgusting amounts of time in order to procrastinate doing what it is I actually need to be doing and figured I'd write a blog post. Only problem with this amazing idea is I have very little to say. Urgh.

My adorable dog managed to slide himself under the chainlink fence last night. Doing so, he arrived in the cemetery next door where he seemed to get himself a bite of skunk butt. Then he dug around and freaked out for a while (understandable if you've just been sprayed in the mouth by a skunk). He couldn't figure out how to get out of the cemetery and back into the yard, so my husband had to walk all the way to the break in the fence and call him. Surprisingly, there wasn't much of a smell...until we leaned in towards his mouth that is. Then he smelled like something very, very evil died and decomposed in there. What do you do for skunk spray in the mouth? We determined that the usual remedy for external spray (hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn) wasn't really going to cut it in this case of internal skunk. So, we wet him down and rubbed a bunch of baking soda around his head and then forced open his mouth and sprayed some water in there and then got some baking soda in there. At this point he was about as happy with us as he was with the skunk. He mouth still reeked of horrible, awful, evil things but lacking the necessary imagination to come up with a better alternative we called it a night and went to bed. House still smells faintly of skunk today. Dog still seems offended by his own breath. On the bright side, it looks as though getting sprayed in the mouth (as long as it's not YOUR mouth) is the least offensive option. There was none of the caustic, eye watering skunk smell just creeping all over the house, it's more faint. And we don't have to taste it.

I really should go do some more work...why oh why has my motivation abandoned me? Maybe I need a nap.

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